ANTTYBALE 83” Velvet Couch Sofa Mid-Century Modern Love Seat Chesterfield 3 Seat Couches Sleeper Sofa for Living Room Apartment (Black)




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The ANTTYBALE sofa is devoted to delivery a tender and fancy living environment to every customer.And our indoor sofas are suitable for a variety of space and style, to meet your needs.

Modern Velvet Sofa

Sofa for Living Room

【ELEGANCE AND COMFORT】: The whole package includes a vibrant coloured velvet upholstered sofa. The high-grade stainless steel electroplated brushed metal feet of the sofa make them very comfortable to sit on as they subtly compress on the inside which gives a suspension kind setting to increase the comfort levels. Comfortable and sturdy as well, the alluring sofa will catch the eye of every single guest that come into your living room and creates a temptation to sit and relax on it.
【SOLID WOODEN FRAME】: The 3 seater sofa’s main structural frame of the sofa is made from high quality larch pine composite reinforced plywood ensuring sturdiness and durability to make sure every part of the sofa remain stable and immovable when people are seated. The reinforced wooden frame will also prevent damage while moving them or during transit to any location. The capacity weight of the sofa 270 kg approx. so it becomes ideal for 3 to 4 persons to sit on it comfortably.
【SPONGE CUSHIONING】: The sofa is cushioned using sponge with an amalgamation of springs to provide you with maximum comfort. The sponge is made from polyethylene which is considered to be a high quality foam sponge which has over thousands of gas pockets per square inch to give you that level of comfort. The amalgamation of the velvet upholstery and sponge foam is a perfect blend for a sofa that will relax you mind, body and soul to give you energy to perform other tasks.
【VELVET UPHOLSTERY】: The 3-seater sofa is upholstered with niche velvet fabric used in designing high end clothes and luxury car seats giving it a modern and gorgeous look. The velvet fabric is very soft and breathable, while it also has a high tensile strength preventing tears on the fabric. The sofa is perfect for living room, bedroom, study, apartment and more. The sofa will make you feel comfortable helping you relax and exhume all the stress from your body.
【DIMENSIONS AND OTHER DETAILS】: The length of the sofa is 83.86″ while the width and height are 83.86″ and 30.51″ respectively. When the sofa comes to your house, it needs to be assembled, which is very easy as you can follow the step-by-step guide to finish the assembly. The sofa comes with 2 boxes and may be delivered at different times. If you have any questions about the second tracking number or the product, please feel free to contact us and we will reply you within 24 hours.
【1 YEAR WARRANTY】We are responsible for any issues, please feel free to contact us if you have any problems, we promise that we will reply you within 12 hours.We promised a 1 YEAR guarantee on our couch.


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