Chef Pomodoro Wooden Cooking Utensils 3-Piece Set, Bamboo | Large 12.5-Inch Spatula, Spoon, Slotted Spoon | Pan Kitchen Frying Set



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Chef Pomodoro is your one-stop shop for everything pizza. From our top selling aluminum pizza peel to our dough prepping mixing bowls, get all the accessories you need to make incredible pizza in the comfort of your home. From the very start of the dough-making process, to the end of licking your fingers after finishing your perfectly charred crispy pizza, our products are meant to make the cooking process much easier and enjoyable!

✅ 3-PACK. The Chef Pomodoro wooden utensil set includes 3 of the most common kitchen tools you need to cook just about anything. A wooden spoon, wooden slotted spoon, and wooden spatula. All chef quality and pre-treated with food-safe oil for added durability and longevity.
✅ LONG HANDLE SIZE. Each utensil measures in at a long perfect size 12.5 inches. That meets the perfect balance of being large enough to comfortably use, without being too clunky to be functional.
✅ BAMBOO. Made from tough, durable, and eco-friendly wood. Strong bamboo spoons don’t fall apart or melt like plastic ones. And beautiful wood finish looks great when in use, storage, or used as serving spoons. Finished with mineral oil for long-lasting life, it has a nice shine as a protective coating which doubles as a beautiful decor piece. With a hanging loop cap, easily hang and showcase the utensils in the kitchen!
✅ PERFECT COOKING TOOL. Kitchen utensils made from wood are the ideal cooking tool, and will quickly become your go-to set. That’s because wood does not scratch up your non-stick pans and ceramics. And they don’t retain heat like metal utensils, or degrade easily like plastic ones.
✅ KITCHEN EFFICIENT. Make the Chef Pomodoro wooden utensil set the next addition to your kitchen toolbelt. Optimized for total kitchen efficiency – from cooking, to serving, and even storage. Easily put them in a drawer, display in a countertop holder, or hang from the storage holes on each.


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