Classic Mini Handheld Retro Game Console with Built-in 620 Glassic Edition Video Games and 2 Button Controllers,AV and HDMI Output Mini Game Console for Kids as Gift.



Price: $47.99
(as of Dec 20,2022 18:01:35 UTC – Details)

Game type(some games repeated):
1.Action games (86 types),
2.Shooting games (92 types).
3.Sports games (42 types).
4.Fighting games (44 types).
5.Racing games (28 types).
6.Puzzle games (329 types).
1.Color – Grey
2.Material – Plastic and metal
3.Joystick Type – Wired
4.Joystick line length – 56 inch
5.Output – AV and HDMI
6.Applicable platform – TV
7.Plug – Original US plug
8.Game Console Size – Approx. 5.3 x 4.3 x 1.5 inch
1.Nes game console for TV game.
2.Hundreds of classic games built in.
3.8-bit and dual 2-button joysticks.
4.110~250V power supply.
5.AV and HDMI output.
6.Low power consumption design
Packing List:
1 * Retro Game Console
2 * Game Controller
1 * RAC to HDMI converter
1 * AV Cable
1 * Manual
1 * Game List
1 * US electric power plug (Optional)
1. Not suitable for children under 3 years old to use alone.
2. This machine can only use voltage converters that comply with national standards.Do not play when abnormalities occur.
3. When cleaning the machine, please disconnect the machine power.
4. Regularly check whether the wires,plugs,shells and other parts are in good condition.
5. If it is damaged, please stop using it immediately until repaired.
[Classic Gifts for Childhood Fun]: Equipped with 2 sensitive button joysticks(plug and play),Nuilhpn classic game console with gamessupports two-player battles,As a birthday gift or holiday gift, the mini classic game console can be given to children, parents, and friends to share the happiness of childhood and promote emotional communication.
[AV and HDMI output display]: The game console comes with an AV to HDMI converter (HDMI converter supports 720p / 1080p), you can have more display options, whether your TV is AV or HDMI input port, Mini Game consoles can be plug and play. In addition, according to the selection of the input port, use the TV remote control to select the AV or HDMI signal channel, only then the TV can display the game.
[How to use the host controller]: To avoid character control conflicts, Joystack 1 can only be operated in a two-player game. Other functions (such as selecting roles and menus) are concentrated in Joystack 2 (right).Therefore, when you are in a single player game or game menu page, please use game stack 2.Game stack 1 does not respond at this time.
[Quality Assurance]:Before using the game console for tv,please check the card in the package carefully to help you better understand and use the game console.If the game console you received is defective or you bought the wrong thing,please contact us first for effective help or replacement service.Welcome and thank you for returning it as it is.We support refunds and returns without reason within 45 days.
[A few tips]: 1.A third-party product,not original game console; 2.The image of the games on the big screen is different from today’s games,and may not be compatible with some 4K monitors,but it is still challenging; 3.When you press “Select + Start” together,it Will not return to the menu,when you switch games,press Reset on the machine; 4.Laptops and tablets do not support HDMI input,and game consoles cannot display games on them.


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