Flash Reflex Reaction Speed Training Light,Agile Reaction Speed Training Lights,Portable Sports Fitness Lights Trainer for Basketball Soccer Lacrosse,6+1



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Product Description
Reaction training light is a light training system controlled by mobile phone, which can train people’s reaction speed, memory and spatial force

Name:Agile Sports Training Lights
Battery life (maximum brightness): about 3 hours
Battery life (minimum brightness:) about 50 hours
Induction mode: close/long distance/slight vibration/strong vibration
Connection distance: within 30-40 meters
Induction distance: 30-40CM
Installation method: magnet

* Durable: Water resistant , UV Protected
* Portable: small and lightweight
* Magnet adsorption to any surface
* Rechargeable Li-ion battery with up to 50 hours of operation on 5 hours charge
* 0.2 – 7s reaction training time

1.This product is wireless signal transmission and it will be interrupted by training venue environment,mobile phones and other electronic equipment,Bluetooth,WIFI and other signals,which may lead to the errors of signal reception, Please do not block the mainframe during the training
2.The equipment contain lithium batteries.Please do not disassemble,impact,extrude or throw into fire.Please do not put it in the high temperature environment.
▶【Professional Reaction Lights Training】: Designed for coaches, players, medical therapists, and children at various stages to complete the training program with high quality in physical and reaction training and to enjoy the training.
▶【Multifunction】: Sets of 5 or 7 lights – 1 main control to record data and 4 or 6 lights to training; Host control range 15 meters; 20 Training Models for Fitness Enthusiasts to predefined activities and the ability to create your own for enhancing your workouts.
▶【Easy to Install】: The reaction training lamp is installed on the back of the lamp with magnet and Velcro, and the adjustable strap can fix your lamp on the pole. Support a variety of installation methods, easy to install and meet different needs.
▶ 【Portable】: Rechargeable Li-ion battery with top, small and light weight; Magnetic adsorption on the back can easily change exercise environments, indoors or outdoors, on the floor, on walls, cones, bars, lawn, etc.
▶【Multiple Sports】: Intuitively provide training data to coaches and players, and help people improve and update training plans; Suitable for fitness, exercise, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, boxing, ice hockey, baseball, football, volleyball, tennis, badminton, etc.


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