Ice Hockey Training Skateboard Speed ​​Skating Mat for Cardio Workout Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Sports




Price: $84.10
(as of Dec 18, 2022 14:14:59 UTC – Details)

What does the sliding mat do?
Use the inertia of sliding and the power to overcome the sliding to exercise the muscles and coordination ability of the whole body, focusing on the muscle groups such as waist, abdomen, buttocks, legs, back, etc., so as to quickly achieve the purpose of plastic self-cultivation, fitness, and tightening the waist and abdomen.

Product Name: Speed Skating Training Mat
Product color: black, orange
Product size: 1.4/1.8 meters
Product material: PP wear-resistant noise reduction panel + EVA damping shock absorption coating

Improve agility and endurance: suitable for practicing lateral strength, improving agility and endurance on ice

Buying a sliding mat is equivalent to the use of 6 kinds of equipment: treadmill, hula hoop, sliding disc, pelvic floor muscle trainer, ski simulator, leg machine
Multi-dimensional sports silencer: quiet exercise, fitness becomes a normal life
The new upgraded version of high-quality PP material is smoother and more durable: used in professional training for speed skating and ice hockey, and now gradually entering the field of fitness, enhancing balance ability, burning excess fat, and enhancing cardiopulmonary function
Practice anywhere Easy and convenient: The integrated handle and strap are easy to carry, and can be used indoors or outdoors on flat surfaces


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