KLEEME Wireless Bluetooth Earphone Stereo Headphones Orthodynamic Open-Back Headphones with Adapter (Color : PRO)



Price: $661.36
(as of Dec 22,2022 01:28:10 UTC – Details)

Product parameter
Frequency response: 20hz-20khz
Impedance: 18
Sensitivity: 93.5dB
Net weight: 360g
Bluetooth version: bluetooth 5.0
Bluetooth chip: Qualcomm QCC5124
DAC: Himalaya
Frequency response range: 20hz-20khz
Signal to noise ratio: 114dB
Bluetooth battery life: more than 8 hours
Net weight: 25g
Support transmission protocol: LDAC, APTX-HD, APTX, AAC, SBC
Transmission method: Bluetooth/USB TYPE-C
PRO Main features:
1. Stealth magnets design: Optimized and improved the air turbulence and reflection between the gaps of the magnets, making the magnets invisible in front of sound waves, and obtaining a purer and complete sound.
2. ultra-nano diaphragm: The response speed is as fast as lightning, and more details and lower distortion are obtained.
3. Double compatibility mode: The default wiring is double-sided 3.5mm wiring, and the left side can also be connected to a single-ended balanced 3.5mm line. The R2R Bluetooth module included with the machine can be directly connected to the left jack for convenient use.
4. Channel separation: true balanced channel, 3.5mm pro balanced four-level headphone jack, channel separation increased by 20 decibels, greater power and higher efficiency.
5. Equipment as you like: 3.5 wire + Bluetooth + USB wire. Only one 3.5mm double-female adapter cable is needed to make your other headphones use r2r (note: adapter cable needs to be purchased separately)
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Intelligent noise reduction,block noise listening.
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Ergonomic design,comfortable wear without burden.


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