Lamplight Kitchen Acacia Wood Spurtle 3-Piece Set | Better Than A Spatula | Smarter Cooking, Easier Stirring | No Food Stuck In The Corners Of Your Pots | Best Cooking Utensil Tool | Easy Spreading



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You can stir better, mix better, scrape better while freeing up space and saving money!

Not only are our Spurtles beautifully crafted from solid hardwood, they are ergonomically designed for home cooks and professionals alike. If you want to prepare quicker, easier and more delicious meals. These are a must! No more using a butter knife or floppy spatula to try to get to the bottom of your jars. Stop wasting your time scrubbing burnt off food out of the corners of your pots and pans because you could not get into the corners. Save yourself time by dressing your sandwiches and toasts with one easy smear of our small Spurtle.

Lamplight Kitchen’s 3 piece Spurtle set includes:

  • One 9inch solid Acacia Spurtle,
  • one 13.5inch solid Acacia Spurtle
  • one 13.5inch slotted Acacia Spurtle .

Everything you need for virtually any job.

You can finally take your cooking to the next level with the strongest, most durable, chef designed Spurtle Set

Do you have a favorite soup, stew or chili recipe? Do you want to be able to preserve all of that delicious flavor you created at the bottom of the pot? Our blade like tip is the perfect instrument to scrape all of those fabulous browned bits off the bottom of your pot so you can use them for added flavor in your favorite recipes. This tip also allows you to mix perfect cookie dough AND scrape the bowl clean without having to reach for a second tool. The long thin blade of our large Spurtles provides the length you need when cooking for a crowd while preserving the integrity of your ingredients.

We love this set so much and know you will too. If you do not love it, contact us for a full refund.

If you are ready to add a fantastic, well designed tool to your kitchen, Click Add To Cart Now To Experience This For Yourself!
Want a multifunctional utensil that can make your life easier while freeing space in your home? Ever search through your collection of kitchen utensils only to find that none of them are well designed or helpful? Want something that can stir into the corner of your pots or pans? This set can separate eggs, scrape the bottom of your jars, mix dough and batter, break up ground meat during browning, toss salads, scramble eggs, stir chili, soups and stews, frost cakes and spread just about anything.
Durable, easy to hold, use and clean! Ever buy a utensil set only to find they fit poorly in your hand and don’t seem to have a purpose? These are chef designed sets that we use at home daily. They feel great in your hand and are built for form, function and staying power. Wash up easily with soap and water. Made of solid Acacia (an eco-friendly hard wood) they are naturally resistant to moisture, odor and staining and to keep them as pure as possible they are coated in food grade mineral oil.
Superb functionality and waste reduction! Ever get in a fight with the last bit of peanut butter or mayo in the jar, while trying to get lunch made in a hurry? It ends now! Scrape the bottom of your jars and cans easily without dirtying your hands or scraping your knuckles. Get to the bottom of every jar with ease, letting nothing go to waste. Love natural nut butters but hate mixing the oil in? This is the tool you need. Stop doing that sad dance with your butter knife that ends in frustration.
The perfect size and shape to get the job done! If you are like us, you value quality over quantity. Do you want a tool designed for real cooks in real kitchens? The perfectly angled tip allows you to get maximum flavor out of your pans while simultaneously being gentle enough for any nonstick. The large Spurtles give you the length to stir large batches with little effort. The small Spurtle is expertly designed for shallow pans, mixing and spreading. Don’t waste any more time or food.
We love this set and we want you to love it too. Our company was created to provide quality kitchen goods, with thought and integrity. If you are not completely satisfied please contact us, we will happily give you your money back.


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