WSJIE Sponge MopSuper Absorbent Sponge Head Self Cleaning Lazy Floor Washing Drying and Storage




Price: $91.52
(as of Dec 21,2022 19:20:32 UTC – Details)

Color Classification: Beige
Rod length: 104 cm ~ 129 cm
Size: 28 cm
Rod material: stainless steel
Mop material: rubber cotton
Please check the goods in time after receiving the goods. If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time.
Avoid mop bedroom, kitchen, bathroom cross-use, prevent bacterial growth.
Since the mop is brand new, please soak it all with water before use, wring it out and use it.
After using the mop, please put it in a cool dry place.
The mop can be cleaned with water. Do not use corrosive liquids such as disinfectant.
Section B contains a piece of original replacement cotton, Type C contains two original replacement cotton
Welcome to our store and purchase our specially designed quality products.
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Design stylish appearance, exquisite workmanship.
Foldable, space saving, environmental protection

★Design: Longer panels and telescopic rods make your cleaning easier. You can clean up any place you want to clean, and let the no longer exist in your home to endanger your health. You and your family can enjoy a healthy life.
★Material: Stainless steel integrally molded durable, has good corrosion resistance and heat resistance is very convenient. The rubber is soft and tough,
★ and has good water absorption and wear resistance. plastic materials provide you with long-term use.
★Details: The thickened cotton ends are lengthened to easily remove the stains in the corners to prevent scratching the home and the floor. Superior water absorption capacity, effective for cleaning, suitable for all kinds of floors.
★ Handle design makes you more comfortable to use. Low-effort lever design makes it easy to squeeze out .
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